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Sports shooting equipment

At fine2quipment we offer the sports shooting equipment mainly for Olympic shooting sports. The equipment is, of course, in compliance with ISSF criteria:

sports shooting equipment - shooting slings - finequipment

Shooting Slings

Sling´s function is to support the holding of smallbore rifle as well as air rifle in shooting positions kneeling and prone. According to rules, you can use slings with maximum width 40 mm   You can find shooting slings for right handed and left handed, adult, or juniors in our catalog. See slings >>


sports shooting equipment - shooting belts - finequipment

Shooting Belts

For shooting trousers, you can use either braces or shooting belts. According to ISSF rules belt cannot be wider than 40 mm or thicker than 3 mm. And you can find these belts in our offer.
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sports shooting equipment - handstops - finequipment


Handstops are used for holding of shooting sling on smallbore or air rifle.
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sports shooting equipment - shooting accessories - finequipment


In our offer, you can find also spare parts and parts for other products, for example, sling swivels or buckles.
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