Production and sale of equipment for shooting sports

Production and sale of equipment
for shooting sports

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What do we do and who is it for?

Our company is focused on production and sale of sports equipment, mainly for Olympic shooting sports. Under a label fine2quipment we offer products such as shooting slings, shooting belts, handstops etc.

Our products are suitable for every sports shooter – for real beginners, including children, who are just starting with the sports shooting, or for more experienced sports shooters, who want to improve and want to achieve the higher level of their shooting.

Why are we doing it?

Recently it is possible to find a broad range of products from well-known labels. But they are sold for too high prices, that make even the basic sport shooting equipment hardly accessible.

That is why we bring you sports shooting equipment, which main advantage is the ratio of price/quality. We offer high-quality products, that are comparable to the quality of prestigious brands, but for much more preferable prices. So, our customers now have a great chance to get real quality sports equipment and they do not have to spend a fortune.


What can you get from shopping with us?

Premium product quality for prices, that are reasonably priced for every sports shooter.
Possibility to get bulk discount even for your first order and loyalty discount for the next orders.
A longer period for returning or exchange of products within 30 days since their purchase.
We deliver worldwide.

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Recommendations of our customers

Peter Čajkovič
Podhájska, Slovak Republic
This is my first shooting sling, my friend recommended it to me. While using the sling, I noticed significant improvement. Materials that are used are professional, the sling is strong, set up is universal.”
Zdeněk Jančara
Březolupy, Czech Republic
We have been using slings for all sling junior categories for a few years. We are satisfied with slings, they are of a good quality for a great price.
Radek Tichý
Lužná, Czech Republic
I would like to greet you and thank you very much for sending slings. These slings for juniors fit perfectly and they are strong. Results of our children have improved significantly since we started using your slings.”